Dianna, Certified Massage Therapist, CAMTC #62851

About the Practitioner


I have entered the massage profession later in life.  It is a choice that makes me happy, and I hope that joy will be conveyed to the clients I serve.  

I completed the massage course at Cerritos Community College, receiving state certification in 2014.  The Reiki classes at Cerritos were the basis of my energy work, and I continue to learn from all sources and apply techniques that resonate within me.

Throughout my life, I have always studied alternative healing and working with my hands.  Massage is a wonderful integration of these two interests!  

I like to help others through volunteering time, talent, and resources.  I am happy to have met Elizabeth Scott-Wise, founder of The Cancer Concierge Network, a wonderful wellness center.  In working there, I will continue a fulfilling massage career combined with volunteering services, which is a dream come true!

To your health!

Dianna, C.M.T.